Voting Day Pink


(Outfit notes: Sweater-Kohls clearance rack last year// Tee (underneath)-Target clearance rack years ago// Jeans-Recently thrifted// Boots-LL Bean// Earrings-Passed on to me)

Happy Voting Day all! Jeramy snapped these pics just as the sun was setting tonight, so that I could show you my fabulous pink pants. They are Vera Wang brand skinnies that I got for just 7 bucks at the thrift store about 2 months ago. They are so far out of my usual safe zone though, that I am still figuring out what to pair them with. Neutrals seem like a safe bet, so today I reached for grey layers on top.

My earrings were handed down to me, they used to belong to Jeramy’s Memere. Oddly, she never had pierced ears, and these are for pierced, so they seemed a bit out-of-place in her jewelry collection. I love that they are fun and vintage.

This was definitely one of those outfits that was chosen to be practical, while doing heaps of laundry and dishes today, as well as for schlepping to the voting booth, where I was given my sticker accessory. I wore it proudly.

A friend of mine mentioned that she went to vote in polar bear print pajamas, so I think she beats me on the fabulous voting attire scale. 🙂

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