Inspired Style: Shop Girl


I love the movie Shop Girl, starring Claire Danes, Steve Martin, and Jason Schwartzman. I first saw it with a friend one night, when we rented it on DVD. One thing that struck me about it, was the awesome wardrobe of Claire Danes’ character, Mirabelle.

Her clothes are vintage inspired, with floral prints, cardigans, brooches, blouses gathered at the shoulders, and feminine silhouettes galore. I would gladly trade the contents of my closet for Mirabelle’s any day. Here are a few examples of her awesome clothes, but really, to get the full effect you have to see the movie.

I thought I would have a little fun trying to recreate one of her outfits, and to make it as affordable as possible. Honestly, if I were to imitate her style I would be better off shopping in second-hand or thrift shops for actual vintage pieces. However, for the purposes of this blog post, I used the internet.

Here is the outfit I chose, one of my top favorites from the movie:

And here is my inspired version:

I used a blazer instead of a coat, because apparently brown coats are just not in this season. At least, not within a reasonable price. I also didn’t include shoes because they didn’t show in the photo, but I later came across another shot of her in the outfit, revealing brown pumps.

So, have you seen Shop Girl?

2 thoughts on “Inspired Style: Shop Girl

  1. i, too, love shop girl – you replicated this outfit perfectly. i also have a big love for her apartment. the kelly green wall is just so unexpected but i feel like it somehow works.

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