In Search Of Beige


(Outfit Notes: Cardigan-Very old, from Kohls// Blouse-Thrifted for under 8 dollars// Bracelets- A gift// Skirt-Thrifted for 2 dollars// Tights-Kohls// Shoes-Too old to remember)

I wrote in my life blog the other day about a poetry reading I “performed” in over the weekend. As part of this show, we all had to wear black, plus the color of our poem. My poem fell into the ‘works on writing’ category, which were all laminated on sheets of a toasty beige color. Beige is, however, a color I never buy or wear because, well, I am beige. It washes me out. I was very envious of those assigned into the poems on nature category, who all got to wear green.

Determined to make it work however, I set out last week to a local consignment shop that was having a grand reopening sale. I pored through the racks, wishing I could be hunting for any other color, when this funky, ruffly, halter-neck blouse popped out at me. The beige and black swirls were perfect for my color scheme, and the top is also unique enough to be a fun wardrobe piece for dressing up. I tried it on, and lo and behold: it fit. Sold.

The show we put on was a huge success, and as a little bonus, I got a lot of compliments from people on this top, with disbelief when I told them I had thrifted it for cheap.

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