A Pop Of Red

white sweater jeans outfit 1red details closeup 2wellies and rolled jean closeupred details closeupwhite sweater jeans outfit 2
(Outfit Notes: Earrings-made by me// Scarf-gift from a friend// Sweater-Christmas gift last year// Long sleeved grey tee (underneath)-Maurices last year// Jeans-Target, don’t remember when// Wellies-LL Bean)

Today I wore all the red I own. That’s really all. Just two little beads on a pair of earrings and some floral print on a scarf. Aside from some nail polish–which was also given to me, making a large percentage of this outfit free–I think red might be my least worn color. The only other exception is my lion tamer jacket, but that was purchased for a costume, and will most likely end up in Simon’s dress up bin. (The bow tie already did.)

When I spotted bright pink skinny jeans at Goodwill this fall, I bought them knowing that I rarely wear pink, but wanted to shake my wardrobe up a bit. Maybe I ought to be more open-minded about red as well, the next time I am flipping through the hangers on those racks.

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