Casual Green

casual green 3
casual green 1
casual green 2
beaver park 10
Outfit Notes: Earrings-too old to remember // Sweater-JC Penney // Tank-TJ Maxx last year // Jeans-Old Navy // Sandals-Target

I think I have mentioned many times on this blog before that green is my favorite color. I arrange the clothes in my closet to hang by color, and the section of green is by far the largest section. Green just makes me happy.

This weekend, Jeramy, Simon and I went to a little beach at a local pond to spend some time. It was a perfect Spring day of sunshine with a cool breeze. Warm enough for sandals, but still windy enough for a light cardigan. With my sand colored tank top, sky blue jeans, and green sweater and accessories, I definitely dressed to match our surroundings.

How is the weather where you are?

Lite Bright

brights 1

brights 3brights 2Outfit Notes: Earrings-made by me // Sweater-TJ Maxx // Skirt-Target clearance rack // Tights-Target // Shoes-too old to remember

Turquoise and orange earrings. A turquoise, orange, and yellow sweater. A turquoise skirt and orange tights. I almost wore my turquoise shoes too…but I decided I had to stop the madness somewhere.

I actually started out the day in jeans on the bottom. However, I had to go into work in the evening, so I had to change out of them. Once I realized how perfectly my skirt matches this sweater, I started to roll with the color theme. I got a little carried away.

I got a lot of comments on my outfit. Many people told me I looked “sunny” or “bright and happy”. I definitely got looked at as I walked through downtown from the parking lot to work at the library.

I have to say, it is hard to be in a bad mood when wearing an outfit so loud and bright.

Technical Difficulties

jeans and green cardiembellished cardigan closeupearring closeup(Outift Notes: Earrings-a gift // Embellished tank-Target clearance // Green Cardigan-Kohls clearance // Jeans-Old Navy // Boots-Target clearance)

I took a bunch more photos of this outfit today, including a few with a blazer, but my camera and tripod were not cooperating with me. I suppose that is bound to happen once in a while when you take your own pics.

Here I am again in my “Mumma Uniform“. My standard weekday wear when I am home with my little guy.  Very casual, but (I hope) still stylish.

Cozy in Green

green sweater belted 1green leafy earring closeupgreen sweater belted 2green sweater belted with scarf(Outfit Notes: Earrings-too old to remember //Sweater-Thrifted // Tank-Sears clearance years ago // Belt-Target last year // Leggings-Kohls // Boots, Target clearance last year //  Scarf-too old to remember)

Today I spent most of my day cleaning up messes around the house that my toddler made. I didn’t even get dressed until he went down for his nap at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. By then, I was cranky and already exhausted, but I had to get ready for work. I wanted to wear something comfy and cozy, but still work appropriate, so I grabbed this big, snuggly sweater that was a recent thrift find. It is 100% alpaca wool, from Eileen Fisher, and probably would have originally cost 200 bucks (or more). I got it for a mere 7 dollars! I usually stay away from things that I have to hand wash, but since it was so affordable, I felt it was worth it. Plus, green is my favorite color.

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Turquoise and Marigold

turquoise and marigold 1turquoise and marigold 2turquoise and marigold closeupturquoise and orange earring closeupturquoise and marigold 3tapestry clutcht-straps closeup
(Outfit Notes: Earrings-made by me // Sweater-JC Penney clearance rack // T-shirt-too old to remember // Skirt-Target clearance rack // Tights- too old to remember // Belt-Target, last year // T-Strap Heels-JC Penney clearance last year)

Three things about today’s outfit:

1-My husband, Jeramy, and I are going out on a date night tonight to a late 1950’s/early 1960’s-themed drag show, after dinner. I wanted to dress somewhat suitable for the occasion, and so, this marigold and turquoise combo was born. I felt the colors of the ensemble, and the t-strap heels fit right in to the time periods being represented. (Though, with it being March in Maine there will most likely be a cardigan thrown over the top when we go out later, but I haven’t decided yet.)

2-This outfit was cheap. Very, very, cheap. The sweater was a recent 2 dollar find at my local JC Penney. (I bought two fun shirts for just 2 bucks each that day.) Score! The skirt is listed at full-price on the website, but someone ordered it online and then returned it to my local Target store. So, I got it for only 5 dollars instead of full price. Another score! The clutch bag was also marked way down, which I wrote about here. Triple score! The heels were also in the clearance section, last winter, for only 5 bucks too. Quadruple score! Add to all of that the t-shirt being only a few dollars on clearance, the fact that I made the earrings myself, and the tights being marked down…the most expensive item in the whole outfit was the belt, but I paid less than ten bucks for that. The whole ensemble for less than 40 bucks!

3-Lastly, this outfit is my offering for this week’s Style Imitating Art challenge. The lovely Jess, of the blog Animated Cardigan, chose this piece:
8565989468_9b766a961d_h(Roses jaunes dans en vase), by Gustave Caillebotte
The title of the painting translates to: “Yellow Roses in a Vase”.

When I first saw this painting I thought: “How am I going to work with that when I don’t own any pale yellow?“. But Jess encouraged everyone to click on the image and look at it as large as possible to appreciate all of the flecks and strokes of color in the paint. Once I did this, I appreciated fully just how many rich colors really were in this seemingly pastel work.

If you look closely, you will find many shades of yellow in there, including the same marigold shade as my sweater. There are also ticks of orange, which I brought in with the beads on the earrings and the flowers on my tapestry print clutch. I also thought it fitting that the orange earring beads and the clutch print were roses, the subject matter of the painting. Finally, the dark background swirls with different browns, which show up in my tights and shoes.

(Be sure to check Jess’ blog on Monday when she posts all of the outfits that people submitted for the challenge!)

Spring Green


green and plaid outfit 1green and plaid with earring closeupgreen and plaid outfit 2(Outfit Notes: Earrings-have had for years // Cardigan-JC Penny //  Plaid Tunic-Thrifted //  Leggings-Kohls // Boots-Target Clearance)

Green is my very favorite color, so when I saw this bright, happy-colored, cardigan for only 16 dollars at JC Penney, I knew it would be an addition to my wardrobe that I would want to wear all the time. Technically, this is a Winter outfit; but today I went out with no coat on for the first time all year, and the sun was shining warmly. Considering that, and how bright and fresh this particular shade is, I call it “spring green”.

A Good Hair Day

black blue and brown 1bracelet closeup(Outfit Notes: Earrings-Old Navy, years ago // Top-Kohls, several years old // Skirt-Target, years ago // Leggings-Sears, when my local store went out of business last year // Bracelet-Vintage, passed down to me // Boots-Target clearance last year)

Today I tried out a new “beauty” product for my scalp. Ever since I had my son I have experienced dandruff, and my scalp is insanely itchy all the time. (I wrote about this a while back, here.) I have tried switching to dandruff shampoos a few times, but they never seemed to help.

A couple of days ago, I went shopping out of town with a friend. She was in search of a dress to wear to a wedding, and I was going along to help and keep her company. Lush recently opened a store in the mall we were at, and we stopped in for a moment to check it out. From the moment we walked in, I was smitten by the displays of cosmetic products that looked so pretty and delicious. I wanted to touch, try, pick up, and smell everything! The sales girl asked if we were looking for anything in particular, and on a whim I asked her what they had for dandruff. She showed me several products designed for that very problem, and I chose to try the Soak and Float shampoo bar, because I liked the ease of using it over some of the other products which require time to sit on your head.

Today was a hair washing day (I wash my hair as infrequently as I can get away with, because it is better for your hair), so I finally got to put my bar to the test. I got in the shower, got my hair wet, and ran the bar from top of my head down my hair a few times to deposit the soap. Then, I ran my hands through my hair to lather. I have to say, the lather was awesome! I had fistfuls of foam worked into my hair! Then, I rinsed very well, and followed up with my favorite conditioner.

As my hair dried, I noticed right away that I had gotten a volume boost from the washing. But, more importantly, I also noticed less itching. Some days, my scalp itches right after washing and there was none of that this time. As the day went on, my scalp continued to feel good, only having a couple of itches as it became evening, instead of driving me crazy like usual.

The real test will be how it feels over the next couple of days, since I won’t be washing my hair. I also want to see how well it works as time goes on. I have read great reviews, and so far, I am pretty pleased.

soak and float bar
outside portrait 1
Despite the wind making it frizzy, I definitely felt like I was having a good hair day! 🙂

My Happy Sweater


turquoise sweater black skirt outfit 1turquoise earrings and sweater closeupturquoise sweater black skirt outfit 2(Outfit Notes: Earrings-a gift // Sweater-JC Penney // Skirt-way too old to remember // Leggings-Sears, bought when the one in my town went out of business // Boots-Target, clearance last year)

I had a little extra money for shopping this week and this bright, turquoise sweater was one of my purchases. Turquoise is one of my very favorite colors, and this shade seemed so Springy to me. Also, it is a very versatile piece, that can be mixed, matched, and layered in a variety of ways.

Mostly though, the color of it just makes me feel happy. I felt good wearing it, and that is what I think our clothes should do for us.

What colors make you feel happy?

Finally, A Little Color

turquoise and cords outfit 1turquoise and cords outfit closeupturquoise earring closeupturquoise and floral belted closeupturquoise and cords outfit 2(Outfit Notes: Earrings-a gift // Cardigan-a gift…Eddie Bauer brand  //  Blouse-JC Penney, several years old // Cords-Kohls, last year // Booties-TJ Maxx // Belt-came with a tunic from TJ Maxx)

Simon and I went for the first walk in the park of the year today. The sun was shining, but there also happened to be a few snowflakes flying in the air. Not totally Spring yet…but close. I should admit, I wore different boots to the park, because though these booties are cute, they are not comfy for walking, and would get all icky caked in mud. But the rest of the outfit was perfectly functional for a Mother-Son park date. I have to work at the Library later, so the booties will be worn then.

I finally got myself into a bit of color after a long string of monochrome and neutral outfits.  The cardigan is pastel though, and the pants are grey, so not the most colorful ensemble I have ever worn. However, just like this mix of snow and sun we had today, this outfit is a perfect hybrid of Winter warmth and Spring thinking.

Business Casual

casual work outfit 1casual work outfit earring closeupcasual work outfit shirts closeupargyle shoe closeup with khakis
(Outfit Notes: Earrings-made by me // Green top-Kohls clearance rack a year or two ago // Black cardigan-Target clearance rack // Khakis-TJ Maxx // Shoes-have had them forever)

Since we are not allowed to wear jeans to work, I usually wear a skirt. However, some days are just pants days, and yesterday was one of them. I found these khakis a while back at TJ Maxx and they fit like a dream…then I put them in the dryer and now they are a bit too short. So, in the future, I will be on the lookout for a replacement pair. I would like some with a more flared leg, a slightly darker shade of khaki, and long in the leg. I saw this post over at the blog Feathers and Freckles, and had an “Aha!” moment. Her khakis are pretty much exactly what I am hoping to stumble across. But hers are from the Gap, and their khakis run about 50 or 60 dollars and that is just not in my budget…so I will be keeping my eyes peeled when thrifting, clearance-rack shopping, and TJ Maxxing. (I just about never pay full price for any item of clothing.)

Maybe once the warm weather finally returns, I can get away with wearing these pants with flat sandals?

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