Pink, Shimmer, and Shine

me vm 2


I was co-director of The Vagina Monologues this weekend in my community. It was a lot of hard work, but also so much fun. We raised money for a great cause, sold out the theater both nights of performance, and had a terrific time. This was my fifth time performing in this show, but my first time ever as a director. After each night of performance, we received great feedback from the audiences, and I felt so proud as I watched them laughing, and being visibly moved by our show.

Unfortunately, I did not get a lot of pictures of myself during the whole weekend event. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, getting women lined up for their turn on the stage, handling minor crises as they arose, and making sure everyone had their scripts, props, and anything else they might need. However, this week’s piece for Style Imitating Art is so festive and pink, that I wanted to share my ensemble from the show for the challenge.


Pink Bow, by Jeff Koons

The shirt I am wearing was purchased back in January, for a night of dancing on my birthday. It was twelve dollars at Forever 21. My pants were only seven dollars at my local Goodwill, and served as my pop of pink in the ensemble. (Everyone in the cast wore black with a pop of red or pink.) My shoes can’t be seen in the photo, but I found them still listed online so you can imagine what they might have looked like as part of the outfit. They were ten dollars at JC Penney on the clearance rack, and I loved how they sparkle. I call them my “dancing shoes”.

The painting for Style Imitating Art, chosen this time around by Jess of Animated Cardigan, depicts a bold, bright, shiny, pink party bow. It seems to shimmer and glow with light. I feel like my sequin top, sparkly shoes, and neon pink pants go with the color and shine of the work. And since the painting is of something from a party, and our show was a party, celebrating women, the two go together quite perfectly. 🙂


Pops Of Coral

purple dress as a skirtcoral necklace closeup
(Outfit Notes: Necklace-a gift // Shirt-Kohl’s, old // Dress-Kohl’s, last year // Tights-Target // Shoes-Target, a couple years old)

I posted the other day, three ways to wear this dress. One way was under a top, as a skirt. That is what I decided to do again today for Easter dinner with family. I knew I wanted to wear floral print, as an homage to the return of Spring. The dress has some orange in it, so I thought adding the orange tights would be fun and unexpected. That led me to adding this coral colored necklace, which was a recent gift from an aunt who shares my love of chunky, bold jewelry.

If you love the color coral, check out this post over at Juggling Chic and see her awesome outfit incorporating the color.

(I didn’t get around to taking pictures until late, so the lighting here kind of stinks.)

A Valentine’s Day Look

valentine's day outfit
Here is my pick for what to wear for a nice night out on Valentine’s Day. A bright dress in red or pink with a cardigan over it to keep warm, since it is February after all. Just add some fun accessories like a pretty scarf and some heart-shaped jewelry.

Cardigan-$29 – Maurices
Dress-$17- Target
Shoes-$28-JC Penney
Belt-$4.80-Forever 21
Scarf-$8.90-Forever 21
Earrings-$3.80-Forever 21
Purse-$24.80-Forever 21

My husband and I will probably be going out that night, but it might be just for coffee. I am not sure yet what I will wear…stay tuned.

Deja Vu

  Hi there! Sorry I haven’t been around here much this winter. The truth is, most of the time I have looked a lot like this:

bundled baby

image credit: Todd Baxter Photography

Bundled up in as many pairs of socks, sweaters, scarves, coats, etc. as I can. I get dressed much more for warmth in the Maine winter, and a lot less for fun. Also, with it getting darker earlier  (though that is improving!), by the time I have a chance to get my husband Jeramy to snap a picture it is too dark outside, and the photo quality inside is terrible. I need to come up with a better method for taking indoor outfit pictures with my tripod during the day while there is still natural light.

Anyway, I am back today to share a recent outfit.

green dress winter 2green dress and necklace close upgreen dress winter 1(Outfit Notes: Necklace-Target // Dress: Mexicali Blues// Long-sleeved tee: Target Clearance rack last year// Leggings-Target// Boots-Target clearance over a year ago)

This outfit was worn for Jeramy’s Grandmother’s 75th birthday party. I wanted to wear a dress or skirt for the occasion, and to wear something colorful, but I also wanted to be comfortable and warm. Layering a long-sleeved tee under the dress, and wearing leggings instead of thinner tights with my boots made this work for winter.

You might remember this dress from back in the fall, when I wore it in a black and brown color combo, and styled it very similarly. I own the dress in two colors because I bought the green one, and a friend gifted me the black one. At first I thought about returning one of them, but then I couldn’t decide which one to part with so I kept them both. I still can’t decide which one I like better, but I do seem to have a favorite way of wearing it: over a long-sleeved tee with tights or leggings and boots.

Hopefully it won’t be as long until I am back again.

Christmas Party Clothes

christmas party outfitgreen necklace closeupred tights argyle shoes closeupchristmas party outfit side(Outfit Notes: Cardigan-Target on sale// Skirt-Target clearance// Tights-Kohls clearance// Shoes-too old to remember// Necklace-Target)

I went to my very first grown-up, non-work-related, Christmas party last night and had a great time catching up with friends that I don’t see often enough. Festive wear was encouraged on the invitation, so I threw together this red, black, and green ensemble after a shopping trip to Target. This skirt is easily the most comfortable pencil skirt I have ever worn, as it is soft and has a lot of stretch. I am also glad to finally replace my old black cardigan, which is quite full of holes after years of wear. This new one with lace textured front will be a very versatile wardrobe staple.

Note: Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures...but do notice the sneaky toddler climbing under the tree in the background.

In Search Of Beige


(Outfit Notes: Cardigan-Very old, from Kohls// Blouse-Thrifted for under 8 dollars// Bracelets- A gift// Skirt-Thrifted for 2 dollars// Tights-Kohls// Shoes-Too old to remember)

I wrote in my life blog the other day about a poetry reading I “performed” in over the weekend. As part of this show, we all had to wear black, plus the color of our poem. My poem fell into the ‘works on writing’ category, which were all laminated on sheets of a toasty beige color. Beige is, however, a color I never buy or wear because, well, I am beige. It washes me out. I was very envious of those assigned into the poems on nature category, who all got to wear green.

Determined to make it work however, I set out last week to a local consignment shop that was having a grand reopening sale. I pored through the racks, wishing I could be hunting for any other color, when this funky, ruffly, halter-neck blouse popped out at me. The beige and black swirls were perfect for my color scheme, and the top is also unique enough to be a fun wardrobe piece for dressing up. I tried it on, and lo and behold: it fit. Sold.

The show we put on was a huge success, and as a little bonus, I got a lot of compliments from people on this top, with disbelief when I told them I had thrifted it for cheap.

Reclaiming The Horizontal Stripe

(Outfit Notes: Necklace-Target/Top-TJ Maxx/Skirt-Old Navy/Stockings-too old to remember/Peep Toe Heels- Mootsies Tootsies)

Whenever I dress for a special occasion, I strive to achieve the perfect balance of looking special and not looking like I tried too hard. Effortless dressing is very difficult for me, as I tend to over think my style combinations. Last evening was my 5th wedding anniversary, and Jeramy and I went out for a nice dinner in Portland, Maine. A stripey, 3/4 sleeve top paired with heels, pretty stockings, and a flouncy skirt seemed like a good juxtaposition to me.

My Dad took the pictures of Jeramy and I together right before we left, and I forgot to have him take a full body shot to show the whole outfit together, but hopefully you can get the idea by piecing together my top half with the detail shoe/stockings shot.

I should also note that I packed a pair of jeans and my favorite comfy black flats, which I changed into after dinner for our walk around the Old Port. My heels were fun and cute, but not the best choice for a stroll along cobblestone streets. It pays to plan ahead.

Finally, I want to add that I recently have allowed horizontal stripes back into my wardrobe. Horizontals have many naysayers, who make rules that you must be a size zero to wear them. I have finally come to the conclusion that these rules are bogus, and that if I like wearing a certain print, I am gosh darn gonna do it, regardless. I am reclaiming the horizontal stripe for women of all body types.