Do The Twist

(Outfit Notes: Necklace-JC Penney/Tee-GAP/Dress-Kohl’s/Brown Peep Toes-Mudd Brand)

For the first half of my day yesterday, I wore jeans and a tee-shirt. I basically rolled out of bed, flat-ironed the cowlicks out of my hair and threw clothes on, because Simon slept in later than usual and I had less time for getting ready. However, I had an evening shift at the library where I work, and we are not allowed to wear jeans there so I had to change.

I decided to wear a casual, purple floral dress that I bought for summer as though it were a skirt, by throwing a basic cotton tee over it. When I layered the tee over the dress though, which has a slight empire waist, there were odd vertical linear bumps going down my belly from the way the dress bunched under the shirt. I was about to go try to find a different top, when I remembered this post, written by Kayley of the blog Sidewalk Ready, and the way she tied her basic tee. I tried it, and I liked it. (I tied mine off to the side instead of centered like she did.) It raised the waistline and added enough texture to make the tee work over the dress.

I had never tried tying a tee like this before, and my husband thought I was a bit odd until I showed him both Kayley’s outfit and another one online.

The point of this post is that I like perusing style blogs for inspiration, because they can give me ideas for ways to mix up items that I already own in new and more interesting ways. Seeing someone else do it first sometimes gives me greater confidence to try something new on my own. Since I no longer purchase women’s magazines (and haven’t for years), I find that reading blogs written by real women out there who enjoy experimenting with style is my new source for ideas. Almost everyone owns at least one basic tee shirt…next time you wear one, maybe you should try it in a different way?

*Note-For an interesting take on not buying women’s magazines and why, read this.

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