Embracing Belting

(Outfit Notes: Necklace-A gift/Sweater-Target/Floral Tank-Sears/Skirt-Target/Belt-Target/Wallet-Target/Peep Toe Brown Flats-Mudd Brand)

I have come to realize that I love belting! I love the silhouette it creates, and the way it accentuates my curves. Belting also helps define the waist, and since my middle section is often the part of me that I have to work the hardest to feel confident about, belting gives me a confidence boost.

I also love this little grey sweater. I have worn it over long-sleeved tees in the winter, over plain t-shirts, and over tanks like I did here. Until this outfit though, I had not thought to wear a belt over it, and I am glad I did. When I bought the sweater I knew I thought it was pretty, but I never realized how a short-sleeved sweater can be an incredibly versatile staple in a wardrobe.

I felt really confident on this day, and some of that was definitely thanks to what I was wearing. Not that I believe self-esteem should be tied to clothes, because it shouldn’t. However, being a person who likes to express herself creatively, putting together clothes in a fun way gives me a feeling of satisfaction, and allows me to show a bit of my personality to others.

2 thoughts on “Embracing Belting

  1. I LOVE this outfit – the clothes, the shoes, the accessories – all darling! I especially love the floral tank peeking out from underneath that gorgeous gray sweater! Ooh ooh and the mint belt with the mint necklace and the mint floral wallet – I love it! Mixed and matched to perfection! 🙂

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