If you read my life blog, then you probably know the news: I am having a baby. 🙂

I had all of these great intentions that while I was pregnant I would be posting here about my maternity style rather frequently. Well, this pregnancy has been a rough one, and my great intentions have not gotten me anywhere. I am now in my third trimester and you still haven’t heard from me. 😦

I decided to pop in today for a quick post with a couple of the outfits that have made me feel my best in this pregnancy.


The above photo is from when I was 20 weeks pregnant, and we were going to a friend’s birthday party. The dress from Mexicali Blues, and is one of my wardrobe favorites. It is not a maternity dress, as you can see here, but because of the empire waist cut, it fits me very nicely even with my pregnant belly. With a pair of leggings this is one of the most comfortable outfits that I currently wear frequently, changing up the shoes, and sometimes throwing a sweater over in cooler temperatures.


And this photo is from our recent family vacation at Rangeley Lake, Maine when I was 28 weeks pregnant. The three of us had walked to spend some time at the little beach near our cabin, but it was too chilly for much swimming, so I kept my dress on over my swimsuit and just relaxed on the sand. The green dress is again, from Mexicali Blues, and is made of Jersey, so it has lots of stretch and comfort factor.

When I was pregnant with Simon, I carried him from the early Fall until the Spring. This time around, being due at the end of Summer, things are very different. I find myself gravitating much more toward dresses and skirts. They are so much more comfy for me than trying to squeeze into anything with a waistband, even an elastic one. In fact, as I type this, I am wearing maternity pants that have grown too snug (I bought them in my first trimester), and I cannot wait to get home so I can change.

I hope to document a few more maternity looks over the rest of this trimester for you. Once the baby is born, I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time in sweatpants for a while. 🙂


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