Thinking of Rangely

for rangelyLast summer, Simon, Jeramy and I were lucky enough to be able to spend a weekend with family in a cabin in Rangely, Maine. It was absolutely gorgeous there, and so much fun, and this year Jeramy and I have the whole week off from work to go back again. I am really looking forward to this family vacation. In fact, despite it being 3 months away still, I am so excited that I am already day-dreaming about what to pack.

Rangely Wish List:

1-Some new sunglasses. I currently don’t have any, and though the ones pictured above are the style I like, I require a prescription for my vision, so I will have to make an eye doctor appointment soon. Hopefully I can find something similar in my price range.

2-A floppy sun hat. This one, from Forever 21 is adorable, but I have a child-sized head, so I will be checking out the kids section at a few stores hoping to find something to keep my head out of the sun.

3-Bermuda shorts. I prefer this length, and I really like this pair from Old Navy.

4-Elizabeth, from Delightfully Tacky has a terrific sense of style, and I found this outfit she wore to explore to be perfect for the Maine woods.

5-A tote bag for walking down to the little sandy beach spot at the campground, with Simon’s beach toys, some sunscreen, and a towel is a definite must-pack item.

6-I love photography, and I find nature inspiring. If I am going to be hiking  and exploring, a crossbody camera bag would be very helpful. This one is really cute, but a bit pricey. I’d love to find something like it more in my budget.

7-Lately I have been hiking in my wellies. They are good for the wet and mud, but not much else. I definitely need to get some hiking shoes.

8-Finally, here is my dream bathing suit. Again, really expensive, but if it ever goes on sale… In the meantime, I’ll be looking for something similar but cheaper, if that exists.

If you have any tips on more affordable versions of any of the above, or know of a kid-sized floppy sun hat, please let me know!

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