Movement Monday: Getting Out More

hiking feetAs a stay-at-home-parent, getting out of the house is absolutely crucial for my physical and mental well-being. Because so much of my responsibility takes place within the home, it is easy to forget this, and become lazy about it. However, I have to make it a priority for my little one and myself, because we feel better and are healthier when we regularly enjoy the outdoors.

Spring has finally arrived in my neck of the woods, and though the air is still chilly, the desire and ability to be outside have increased. Yesterday, as a family, we all went hiking to celebrate Easter/Ostara. Walking on the trail, breathing the fresh air, exploring our surroundings…it felt wonderful.

Currently, we live in the middle of the city. Our house has no yard. Well, it has a little strip of grass and a dirt driveway and walkway that Simon sometimes plays in, but really,                   we have to go elsewhere if we want to be in nature. Thankfully, we live near several parks and playgrounds, and a big nature preserve of hiking trails open to the public. In the not-too-distant future we are planning to buy our first home, and our number one requirement is a big yard for gardening and for play.

I have never been the type of person who liked going to the gym, but give me a trail through the woods, or some snowshoes in the winter, or a lake to swim in, and I am happy. I am so busy enjoying the beauty of nature that I forget I am getting a workout in the process. Getting outside is one of the easiest ways to accomplish my goal of moving my body more. I am already excited for our next hike in the woods!

ostara hikeWhat physical activity do you enjoy doing outside?

1 thought on “Movement Monday: Getting Out More

  1. I completely understand the need to get out of the house regularly. I am a stay at home mom of 4 and if we didn’t get outside and play I would go batty! we love going to the park. my kids love to swim at the beach, Im not so much of a water person put im happy my kids are. its almost like when your outside it puts you in an anything is possible kind of mood! 🙂

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