Pink, Shimmer, and Shine

me vm 2


I was co-director of The Vagina Monologues this weekend in my community. It was a lot of hard work, but also so much fun. We raised money for a great cause, sold out the theater both nights of performance, and had a terrific time. This was my fifth time performing in this show, but my first time ever as a director. After each night of performance, we received great feedback from the audiences, and I felt so proud as I watched them laughing, and being visibly moved by our show.

Unfortunately, I did not get a lot of pictures of myself during the whole weekend event. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, getting women lined up for their turn on the stage, handling minor crises as they arose, and making sure everyone had their scripts, props, and anything else they might need. However, this week’s piece for Style Imitating Art is so festive and pink, that I wanted to share my ensemble from the show for the challenge.


Pink Bow, by Jeff Koons

The shirt I am wearing was purchased back in January, for a night of dancing on my birthday. It was twelve dollars at Forever 21. My pants were only seven dollars at my local Goodwill, and served as my pop of pink in the ensemble. (Everyone in the cast wore black with a pop of red or pink.) My shoes can’t be seen in the photo, but I found them still listed online so you can imagine what they might have looked like as part of the outfit. They were ten dollars at JC Penney on the clearance rack, and I loved how they sparkle. I call them my “dancing shoes”.

The painting for Style Imitating Art, chosen this time around by Jess of Animated Cardigan, depicts a bold, bright, shiny, pink party bow. It seems to shimmer and glow with light. I feel like my sequin top, sparkly shoes, and neon pink pants go with the color and shine of the work. And since the painting is of something from a party, and our show was a party, celebrating women, the two go together quite perfectly. 🙂


Peachy Keen

peachy keen 3peachy keenpeachy keen 2
Outfit Notes:
Cords-Kohls, old
Shoes-TJ Maxx, old

Here I am, on a casual Wednesday. The weather cannot decide what it wants to do. It is sunny one minute, dark, cloudy, and wanting to rain the next. I spent the morning and afternoon tidying up after my toddler, getting an adjustment at the chiropractor, and reading parenting articles.

I almost didn’t bother to post today, fearing this outfit to be too boring and plain. But, I prefer the style blogs that show everyday outfits–stuff I can imagine myself wearing, and that seem doable for every budget. Real-life style. Clothes you can play with play-dough in. 🙂

When I wear simple, casual clothes like this, I always feel like I need at least one little pop of personality. A chunky necklace, some crazy earrings, fun shoes. Just something to spice it up a bit. Today I added my orange stone necklace to this peachy colored shirt. This creates a focal point to the outfit because the two colors are similar, and makes it more fun. I am also wearing an orangey-colored lip gloss that matches the shirt almost perfectly.

I suppose if the weather won’t stay bright, at least my outfit can. 🙂

Thinking of Rangely

for rangelyLast summer, Simon, Jeramy and I were lucky enough to be able to spend a weekend with family in a cabin in Rangely, Maine. It was absolutely gorgeous there, and so much fun, and this year Jeramy and I have the whole week off from work to go back again. I am really looking forward to this family vacation. In fact, despite it being 3 months away still, I am so excited that I am already day-dreaming about what to pack.

Rangely Wish List:

1-Some new sunglasses. I currently don’t have any, and though the ones pictured above are the style I like, I require a prescription for my vision, so I will have to make an eye doctor appointment soon. Hopefully I can find something similar in my price range.

2-A floppy sun hat. This one, from Forever 21 is adorable, but I have a child-sized head, so I will be checking out the kids section at a few stores hoping to find something to keep my head out of the sun.

3-Bermuda shorts. I prefer this length, and I really like this pair from Old Navy.

4-Elizabeth, from Delightfully Tacky has a terrific sense of style, and I found this outfit she wore to explore to be perfect for the Maine woods.

5-A tote bag for walking down to the little sandy beach spot at the campground, with Simon’s beach toys, some sunscreen, and a towel is a definite must-pack item.

6-I love photography, and I find nature inspiring. If I am going to be hiking  and exploring, a crossbody camera bag would be very helpful. This one is really cute, but a bit pricey. I’d love to find something like it more in my budget.

7-Lately I have been hiking in my wellies. They are good for the wet and mud, but not much else. I definitely need to get some hiking shoes.

8-Finally, here is my dream bathing suit. Again, really expensive, but if it ever goes on sale… In the meantime, I’ll be looking for something similar but cheaper, if that exists.

If you have any tips on more affordable versions of any of the above, or know of a kid-sized floppy sun hat, please let me know!

Casual Brights

neon sweater 2new mocsneon sweater 3neon sweaterSweater and Shoes-TJ Maxx
Jeans-Kohls, old

I’m not really a neon person, even though it is a big trend right now; but this bright, happy, candy-colored sweater caught my eye on the clearance rack the other day. Even though it is a sweater, I can see it being paired with jeans, skirts, and even shorts all through the Maine Spring and Summer. (It gets cool here at night!)

I’m also so excited about my new Minnetonkas. I found them at quite a marked down price, and in aqua, which is one of my favorite colors. They just might be the most comfortable shoes ever! While I was asking myself whether or not I should really buy them, even if they were marked down, I remembered this post over at Feathers and Freckles about three different ways she styled her Minnetonkas. Versatile shoes that can be worn with anything–from casual to dressed up, from jeans to dresses–are exactly right for someone like me.

In case you are wondering, I am at my husband’s Grandmother’s house in the above pictures. I have always loved that floral chaise lounge! Her nice, BIG, kitty is named Fritz and he is quite happy to bask in the sunlight there.

(Linked up at The Pleated Poppy)

Movement Monday: Getting Out More

hiking feetAs a stay-at-home-parent, getting out of the house is absolutely crucial for my physical and mental well-being. Because so much of my responsibility takes place within the home, it is easy to forget this, and become lazy about it. However, I have to make it a priority for my little one and myself, because we feel better and are healthier when we regularly enjoy the outdoors.

Spring has finally arrived in my neck of the woods, and though the air is still chilly, the desire and ability to be outside have increased. Yesterday, as a family, we all went hiking to celebrate Easter/Ostara. Walking on the trail, breathing the fresh air, exploring our surroundings…it felt wonderful.

Currently, we live in the middle of the city. Our house has no yard. Well, it has a little strip of grass and a dirt driveway and walkway that Simon sometimes plays in, but really,                   we have to go elsewhere if we want to be in nature. Thankfully, we live near several parks and playgrounds, and a big nature preserve of hiking trails open to the public. In the not-too-distant future we are planning to buy our first home, and our number one requirement is a big yard for gardening and for play.

I have never been the type of person who liked going to the gym, but give me a trail through the woods, or some snowshoes in the winter, or a lake to swim in, and I am happy. I am so busy enjoying the beauty of nature that I forget I am getting a workout in the process. Getting outside is one of the easiest ways to accomplish my goal of moving my body more. I am already excited for our next hike in the woods!

ostara hikeWhat physical activity do you enjoy doing outside?