Movement Mondays

I want to kick off a new, weekly feature here on the style blog. I am calling it “Movement Mondays”, and these posts will be about the things I do for my body that are not style related. For example, I love yoga, hiking, walking, hula hooping, and playing outside with my little guy. I also want to get back into roller-blading, snow-shoeing, bike-riding, and dancing–all things I have done in my life and enjoyed, and that have made me feel good.

The idea behind these posts is not to write about weight-related exercise, but instead to focus on that which makes me feel good physically. Since this blog is about body confidence, in addition to clothing and style, I think this will be a fitting series of posts. Also, having a weekly commitment to write about it will hopefully motivate me to keep it up!

Stay tuned for the first full post in this category next week. However, today I have a few links to share that may inspire!

~Sally, of Already Pretty, shared this motivating post about movement vs. exercise, and how moving your body is important for everyone.

~This beautiful, and inspiring piece, written by Heather, at Rhythm of the Home, relates yoga practice and breath to the pace of daily life, and to parenting. It is from 2011, but I go back and read it sometimes for a reminder.

~Elizabeth, at Delightfully Tacky, shared a post about her passion for rock-climbing. She makes me want to try it!

~Finally, this interview with author Hanne Blank, talks about the importance of moving your body because it makes you feel good, and helps your body function, and how freeing it is to let go of exercise with a goal weight loss.

I hope you find these articles as inspiring as I did!

2 thoughts on “Movement Mondays

  1. Muito interessante e motivador o texto ” This motivating post”. Dá vontade de começar logo….achei interessante também a escalada. Bom, ainda tenho muitas limitações: sou mãe de dois filhos: uma de três anos – Maria Eduarda e Pedro de 11 meses (fez hoje). Além disso, trabalho o dia todo num órgão público. Temos o fim de semana, não é mesmo? risos

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