A Good Hair Day

black blue and brown 1bracelet closeup(Outfit Notes: Earrings-Old Navy, years ago // Top-Kohls, several years old // Skirt-Target, years ago // Leggings-Sears, when my local store went out of business last year // Bracelet-Vintage, passed down to me // Boots-Target clearance last year)

Today I tried out a new “beauty” product for my scalp. Ever since I had my son I have experienced dandruff, and my scalp is insanely itchy all the time. (I wrote about this a while back, here.) I have tried switching to dandruff shampoos a few times, but they never seemed to help.

A couple of days ago, I went shopping out of town with a friend. She was in search of a dress to wear to a wedding, and I was going along to help and keep her company. Lush recently opened a store in the mall we were at, and we stopped in for a moment to check it out. From the moment we walked in, I was smitten by the displays of cosmetic products that looked so pretty and delicious. I wanted to touch, try, pick up, and smell everything! The sales girl asked if we were looking for anything in particular, and on a whim I asked her what they had for dandruff. She showed me several products designed for that very problem, and I chose to try the Soak and Float shampoo bar, because I liked the ease of using it over some of the other products which require time to sit on your head.

Today was a hair washing day (I wash my hair as infrequently as I can get away with, because it is better for your hair), so I finally got to put my bar to the test. I got in the shower, got my hair wet, and ran the bar from top of my head down my hair a few times to deposit the soap. Then, I ran my hands through my hair to lather. I have to say, the lather was awesome! I had fistfuls of foam worked into my hair! Then, I rinsed very well, and followed up with my favorite conditioner.

As my hair dried, I noticed right away that I had gotten a volume boost from the washing. But, more importantly, I also noticed less itching. Some days, my scalp itches right after washing and there was none of that this time. As the day went on, my scalp continued to feel good, only having a couple of itches as it became evening, instead of driving me crazy like usual.

The real test will be how it feels over the next couple of days, since I won’t be washing my hair. I also want to see how well it works as time goes on. I have read great reviews, and so far, I am pretty pleased.

soak and float bar
outside portrait 1
Despite the wind making it frizzy, I definitely felt like I was having a good hair day! 🙂

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