Business Casual

casual work outfit 1casual work outfit earring closeupcasual work outfit shirts closeupargyle shoe closeup with khakis
(Outfit Notes: Earrings-made by me // Green top-Kohls clearance rack a year or two ago // Black cardigan-Target clearance rack // Khakis-TJ Maxx // Shoes-have had them forever)

Since we are not allowed to wear jeans to work, I usually wear a skirt. However, some days are just pants days, and yesterday was one of them. I found these khakis a while back at TJ Maxx and they fit like a dream…then I put them in the dryer and now they are a bit too short. So, in the future, I will be on the lookout for a replacement pair. I would like some with a more flared leg, a slightly darker shade of khaki, and long in the leg. I saw this post over at the blog Feathers and Freckles, and had an “Aha!” moment. Her khakis are pretty much exactly what I am hoping to stumble across. But hers are from the Gap, and their khakis run about 50 or 60 dollars and that is just not in my budget…so I will be keeping my eyes peeled when thrifting, clearance-rack shopping, and TJ Maxxing. (I just about never pay full price for any item of clothing.)

Maybe once the warm weather finally returns, I can get away with wearing these pants with flat sandals?

(Linked up with What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy)

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