Red Carpet Favorites

I have a lot to say right now about the post-Oscars shaming that is going on. My facebook feed and news feed are overrun with judgmental, hurtful things about the celebrities, their bodies, and their choice of outfit. They may be public figures, but that does not make this kind of language acceptable. This is precisely the kind of talk that perpetuates stereotypes about women being catty, and makes us all feel bad about ourselves too. Because, if celebrities can never be good enough, how can we “average” folk ever be?

I am just too fired up right now, but I promise that a calmer, more organized set of thoughts on this is coming here soon. That is one of the main reasons I started this blog…in addition to sharing outfits and talking about style, to also tackle issues of body image.

For now, to calm myself down, I choose to celebrate some of my favorite red carpet looks from the night. I confess, I didn’t actually watch the show-we don’t have cable and that channel won’t come in on our antenna. But, as a person with an interest in fashion, and a love of looking at pretty gowns that goes back into childhood, I did peruse the news the following day to see the ensembles.

Here are my faves:
Adele Gown Adele PerformanceAdele. One of my top style icons. She is gorgeous and confident. On this night she sparkled: her gown, her performance dress, and even her shoes. I always envy her flowing tresses and awesome makeup. I could go on and on, but she’s just so friggin’-fraggin’ fabulous!

Jennifer AnnistonJennifer Anniston seems to have a knack for choosing gowns that are simple, yet elegant. She makes dressing up look effortless. She is wearing a floor-length gown with a train, and yet it doesn’t look fussy. Her hair is down and tousled, her jewelry is not competing with her dress, and she seems to be radiating with calm confidence.

Naomi Watts
This gown that Naomi Watts chose is just cool. It is simple elegance, and yet, that cut-out shoulder at the top is so much fun.

Kelly OsborneI just love the way Kelly Osbourne’s gown wraps all around at the the neck and shoulders. And the sparkly bodice melting down into the flowy bottom is just gorgeous. But I think my favorite thing here is her rockin’ purple hair.

Miley CyrusSpeaking of hair, I  think Miley Cyrus’ spiked pixie cut is totally awesome! The platinum blonde tips go well with her platinum-colored gown’s simple silhouette, and I love the plunging open back.

Georgina ChaplanFinally, I just want to say that if I could go back in time, and money were no object, this is what I would like to have worn to my wedding. Georgina Chapman’s gown reminds me of something from and Alphonse Mucha painting. It is ethereal and she looks stunning.

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