Christmas Party Clothes

christmas party outfitgreen necklace closeupred tights argyle shoes closeupchristmas party outfit side(Outfit Notes: Cardigan-Target on sale// Skirt-Target clearance// Tights-Kohls clearance// Shoes-too old to remember// Necklace-Target)

I went to my very first grown-up, non-work-related, Christmas party last night and had a great time catching up with friends that I don’t see often enough. Festive wear was encouraged on the invitation, so I threw together this red, black, and green ensemble after a shopping trip to Target. This skirt is easily the most comfortable pencil skirt I have ever worn, as it is soft and has a lot of stretch. I am also glad to finally replace my old black cardigan, which is quite full of holes after years of wear. This new one with lace textured front will be a very versatile wardrobe staple.

Note: Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures...but do notice the sneaky toddler climbing under the tree in the background.

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