A Couple Of Little Splurges

clutch and headband
While I have been out and about doing some holiday shopping, I picked up these two little gifts for myself. I know that sort of defeats the purpose of gift shopping, but every once in a while, I think it is OK to give yourself a present.

The clutch is from Target, and I wanted to buy it months and months ago, but didn’t feel like paying full price. (Even though full price was only $16.99, not really that bad for a purse– I guess I am cheap.) While I was out holiday shopping one night with a friend, I spotted it sitting in the clearance bin. I grabbed it to look for the orange price sticker, but there wasn’t one. I figured it was probably not supposed to be in that bin, and almost just tossed it back, but my friend (who used to work at Target) convinced me to at least ask. Turned out, it was supposed to have gone to salvage, and shouldn’t have been in the store anymore at all. The manager asked me if I would pay 5 bucks for it…a price much more like I had in mind. Score!

The headband was something I have been wanting for a long time. As you might know, I live in Maine, where winters are usually looooong and cold. (Although the past few have been milder than usual. Global warming?) I own a couple of winter hats, but when I wear a ponytail there is always an awkward bump under the hat. So I have been thinking of picking up one of these knit headband/ear warmers for a long time. This year I happen to be trying to grow my hair out, and it is long enough for ponytails again. So when I saw this ear warmer with the cute black buttons at a local vendor’s booth while craft fair shopping, I decided to check the price tag. It was only $10, and I bought it. (Along with some gifts for other people, that are still a secret until after Christmas.)

Have you bought anything for yourself lately?

4 thoughts on “A Couple Of Little Splurges

  1. I’ve gotten myself some yarn, to make a blanket for *ME.* One that the kids can only use if they’re on the sofa with no drinks or sticky hands!

    That’s a lovely headband, and $5 for the clutch? Total score!

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