Style Inspiration: Norah Jones

One of my all-time favorite muses is Norah Jones. I love her sultry, bluesy voice and her mellow vibe. I also happen to really like her style, and when looking at some photos of her recently, I noticed a recurring color theme of black, white and red. She frequently wears stripes, polka dots, and fun prints–such as a short dress covered in sheep. She often belts her ensemble, something I am also fond of doing. While she can pull off any look– from 70’s inspired bell-sleeved mini dresses to jeans— this particular color palette and pattern mix seem to be her signature style.

Norah collage 2 Norah Collage 3 Norah Collage 4Norah collage 1
Here are some items that would fit right in among Norah’s wardrobe, yet are also affordable for a non-celebrity:

Norah Inspired 2Norah inspired 3norah inspired 1

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