Christmas Party Clothes

christmas party outfitgreen necklace closeupred tights argyle shoes closeupchristmas party outfit side(Outfit Notes: Cardigan-Target on sale// Skirt-Target clearance// Tights-Kohls clearance// Shoes-too old to remember// Necklace-Target)

I went to my very first grown-up, non-work-related, Christmas party last night and had a great time catching up with friends that I don’t see often enough. Festive wear was encouraged on the invitation, so I threw together this red, black, and green ensemble after a shopping trip to Target. This skirt is easily the most comfortable pencil skirt I have ever worn, as it is soft and has a lot of stretch. I am also glad to finally replace my old black cardigan, which is quite full of holes after years of wear. This new one with lace textured front will be a very versatile wardrobe staple.

Note: Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures...but do notice the sneaky toddler climbing under the tree in the background.

A New Haircut

haircut 1 haircut 2 haircut 3 haircut 4On a much-needed day to myself this week, I went and got a haircut. I am still trying to grow my hair out longer, but it had been a long time since my last cut, and my previous style had grown out, leaving some weird pieces that gave me a hard time. I told the stylist that I wanted to change it up with some bangs, and to better embrace my hair’s natural texture. She gave me a cute cut, leaving most of the length alone, adding layers and fringey bangs, and then flipping pieces with a round brush and hair dryer. I have never had so much texture in my hair before! This will definitely help me keep from feeling bored with my hair while I keep growing it.

A Pop Of Red

white sweater jeans outfit 1red details closeup 2wellies and rolled jean closeupred details closeupwhite sweater jeans outfit 2
(Outfit Notes: Earrings-made by me// Scarf-gift from a friend// Sweater-Christmas gift last year// Long sleeved grey tee (underneath)-Maurices last year// Jeans-Target, don’t remember when// Wellies-LL Bean)

Today I wore all the red I own. That’s really all. Just two little beads on a pair of earrings and some floral print on a scarf. Aside from some nail polish–which was also given to me, making a large percentage of this outfit free–I think red might be my least worn color. The only other exception is my lion tamer jacket, but that was purchased for a costume, and will most likely end up in Simon’s dress up bin. (The bow tie already did.)

When I spotted bright pink skinny jeans at Goodwill this fall, I bought them knowing that I rarely wear pink, but wanted to shake my wardrobe up a bit. Maybe I ought to be more open-minded about red as well, the next time I am flipping through the hangers on those racks.

A Couple Of Little Splurges

clutch and headband
While I have been out and about doing some holiday shopping, I picked up these two little gifts for myself. I know that sort of defeats the purpose of gift shopping, but every once in a while, I think it is OK to give yourself a present.

The clutch is from Target, and I wanted to buy it months and months ago, but didn’t feel like paying full price. (Even though full price was only $16.99, not really that bad for a purse– I guess I am cheap.) While I was out holiday shopping one night with a friend, I spotted it sitting in the clearance bin. I grabbed it to look for the orange price sticker, but there wasn’t one. I figured it was probably not supposed to be in that bin, and almost just tossed it back, but my friend (who used to work at Target) convinced me to at least ask. Turned out, it was supposed to have gone to salvage, and shouldn’t have been in the store anymore at all. The manager asked me if I would pay 5 bucks for it…a price much more like I had in mind. Score!

The headband was something I have been wanting for a long time. As you might know, I live in Maine, where winters are usually looooong and cold. (Although the past few have been milder than usual. Global warming?) I own a couple of winter hats, but when I wear a ponytail there is always an awkward bump under the hat. So I have been thinking of picking up one of these knit headband/ear warmers for a long time. This year I happen to be trying to grow my hair out, and it is long enough for ponytails again. So when I saw this ear warmer with the cute black buttons at a local vendor’s booth while craft fair shopping, I decided to check the price tag. It was only $10, and I bought it. (Along with some gifts for other people, that are still a secret until after Christmas.)

Have you bought anything for yourself lately?

Style Inspiration: Norah Jones

One of my all-time favorite muses is Norah Jones. I love her sultry, bluesy voice and her mellow vibe. I also happen to really like her style, and when looking at some photos of her recently, I noticed a recurring color theme of black, white and red. She frequently wears stripes, polka dots, and fun prints–such as a short dress covered in sheep. She often belts her ensemble, something I am also fond of doing. While she can pull off any look– from 70’s inspired bell-sleeved mini dresses to jeans— this particular color palette and pattern mix seem to be her signature style.

Norah collage 2 Norah Collage 3 Norah Collage 4Norah collage 1
Here are some items that would fit right in among Norah’s wardrobe, yet are also affordable for a non-celebrity:

Norah Inspired 2Norah inspired 3norah inspired 1