Lion Tamer


I thought for fun I would do a style post about my Halloween costume this year. I absolutely love Halloween, and dressing up. I have never missed a year. Even when I was pregnant, I bought an XL white t-shirt at the craft store and drew a bright, orange pumpkin on the belly. I have always believed in making and putting together a costume, rather than buying one pre-made.

This year, my little guy really wanted to be a lion. We were lucky enough to have his music teacher loan us a lion costume in exactly his size. (See pics here at my life blog.) A few days before Halloween, the idea popped into my head to dress up as a lion tamer. I did a google search for inspiration, but a lot of the female lion tamer costumes I came across were not very appropriate for either being outdoors or taking a child trick-or-treating…too much exposed cleavage and bare legs. However, it seemed like the essentials were to have a top hat and a red jacket…so that is what I set out to find.

My jacket was found at Goodwill for a couple of dollars, but they were fresh out of bow-ties and top hats. I ended up buying those on Halloween day at the costume shop on sale. I normally don’t like to spend money at places like that, I’d much rather give new life to something old, but I was running out of time, and Simon was so excited to help me find a top hat. Also, these items now live in his dress-up trunk and he is already having a blast with them, just a day later.

For the rest of my outfit I raided my own closet, with the exception of the black shorts, which I borrowed from a friend. I chose shorts over a skirt because it would make bending down to help Simon with his trick-or-treating, as well as carrying him, so much easier. For warmth I layered the shorts over my black sweater tights, and I wore my comfy, well-worn, black flats for all the walking. Under my jacket I layered a stripey, black and white tunic over a plain black t-shirt to keep my core warm. The stripes seemed circus-appropriate.

The best part? Simon loved my costume as much as I did, and we had so much fun together.

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