My Target Wish List

My Target WishList

Since it is now officially the holiday season, and lots of people are exchanging gifts, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and create a virtual wish list. All of these items are from Target and cost $25 or less. Perhaps some of these items might make a great gift for someone on your giving list this year?

Mossimo® Women’s Open Pullover Sweater (Grey) $20
Mossimo Supply Co. Polka Dot Fashion Scarf (Black) $15
Half Moon Post Earrings (Silver) $15
Envelope Clutch  (Grey) $25

Xhilaration Juniors Basic Long Legging (Black) $10
Journee Collection Womens Multi-color Striped Ballet Flats $25
essie Nail Color (“Mojito Madness”, “Sew Psyched”, and “Power Clutch”) $7.79
Merona® Stretch Belt  (Black) $17

Orange and Green

Outift Notes:
Scarf-too old to remember
Cardigan-Target clearance a year or two ago
Shirt-Kohls Clearance several years ago
Skirt-Target, a couple of years ago
Boots-Target clearance last year

I almost didn’t upload this outfit, because this is the only picture that came out, and even after editing to lighten and contrast this one is too dark. But, I really do like the color combination of orange (shirt and tights) and green (sweater and scarf) for fall. The rusty shade of orange with the more muted green makes it even more appropriate for autumn. Throw in a little purple from the blouse too, and there is a third color to break up the matchy-matchy-ness of the outfit.

This is the same scarf from my last post, just wrapped around me instead of tied into a continuous loop.

This denim skirt and my skinny jeans have become the two items I grab from my closet most often when I am not sure what to wear. They seriously go with anything.

What is your favorite fall color combination?

Circle-Wrapped Scarf


I am experimenting with a new way to tie my scarf today. I don’t own a “circle scarf”–or “infinity scarf” as they are also called– but I came across this video over on the style blog Orchid Grey, in which she shares her scarf tying technique, and it can give almost any scarf that kind of look. I really like it because my house is cold today and this keeps my neck all cozy and warm!

I have also layered leggings under my jeans, and a big sweatshirt over my top and I am still a little chilly! This is how I feel every winter though, so I have learned lots of little tricks over the years for keeping warm, like layering 2 pairs of socks. This method of scarf tying is sure to become a frequently used new trick.

What do you do for warmth?

Little Houses


(Outfit Notes: Scarf-Thrifted recently for only 99 cents! // Earrings-too old to remember// Green top-Target, a couple of years ago // Grey top (underneath)-Kohls, several years ago // Jeans-Kohls last year // Shoes-TJ Maxx, several years ago)

I have a thing for tiny houses, and things with pictures of houses on them. I recently thrifted a vintage enamel pasta pot covered in little houses, and this scarf was purchased right around the same time. I wish I knew more about it, whether it is vintage or modern. Either way the color and print both appealed to me immediately. Green is my favorite color, so coordinating it with other green things to make an outfit was fun.

This could be considered another version of the “Mumma Uniform“, my standard, everyday wear. On this day we were running errands and then going for a visit with Simon’s Great-Grandmother, so I needed to be warm and comfortable.

I love the way a pretty scarf can make even the most casual outfits look more stylish.



(Outfit Notes: Hat-recently re-discovered in a box, I think I got it at GAP when I was still a teenager working at the mall// Necklace-a gift from hubby’s grandmother// Sweater-recently thrifted for 4 bucks// Skirt- Target, a couple of years ago// Belt-too old to remember// Gloves-a christmas gift last year// Sweater Tights-JC Penney, end of season clearance last winter// Boots-Target clearance last year)

Brrrr! It is getting to be more like true Maine November weather the past couple of days. The shining sun has been a bit deceiving when I choose what to wear. Yesterday, I got caught out and about doing my errands, sorely under-dressed against the chill, and Simon and I ended up running from car to house as fast as we could for warmth when we returned home. I did not want a repeat of that today, so I got to layering some sweaters, and adding extra winter accessories.

I liked the way the sweater and tights echoed each other, and the knit hat and gloves made this a very “sweatery” outfit indeed. Some of the silver beads on the necklace had shapes that seemed fitting with the sweater as well.

It made me happy that just adding gloves and a cozy hat made me so warm that I didn’t quite need a coat. Just barely, though. Soon enough, I will need one every. single. day. But that’s Maine for you.

My Mumma Uniform


(Outfit Notes: Scarf-very old, from TJ Maxx?// Sweater-Last year’s Kohls clearance// Black tank-TJ Maxx from the summer// Rust colored tank-H&M from spring// Jeans-Old Navy// Boots-Target clearance last year// Bracelet-a gift from a friend)

I have seen many different style bloggers who also happen to be Moms, share their version of “The Mommy Uniform”. From yoga pants to jeans, and from hoodies to t-shirts, the key seems to be a balance of comfort and versatility. I think this outfit is my fall version of my own “Mumma Uniform”. Most days lately, you will find me in some variation of this jeans/long-sleeved top/scarf/boots combo. Sometimes my wellies replace the brown boots, or the shirt is a crew neck instead of a cardigan. Sometimes the jeans are skinny, sometimes not. The scarf always changes to match the outfit.

Speaking of the scarf, this one was purchased years ago, long before motherhood, when Jeramy and I were dressing up as Bonnie and Clyde for Halloween. I got the scarf just for my costume, and then didn’t wear it again.

Trying to look bad-ass.

When Simon got to be a toddler, I was digging through some things, and found this scarf again. I tossed it into his dress-up bin without giving it any consideration. For many months, it stayed in there, being used in funny combinations with trucker hats, feather boas, and big beaded bracelets. That is, until last week, when I spotted it, and wondered why it was I had never given it a chance. I grabbed it back out of the bin and hung it up with my other scarves. Then, on the day I took the outfit pics above, I wore it again for the first time since that Halloween years ago.

On this day, we were headed as a family, for an autumn outing, with no sure destination in mind. I wanted to be ready for walking indoors or out, and with layers to remove in case it got warmer.

If you are a Mom, what is your standard “Mommy Uniform”?

Inspired Style: Shop Girl


I love the movie Shop Girl, starring Claire Danes, Steve Martin, and Jason Schwartzman. I first saw it with a friend one night, when we rented it on DVD. One thing that struck me about it, was the awesome wardrobe of Claire Danes’ character, Mirabelle.

Her clothes are vintage inspired, with floral prints, cardigans, brooches, blouses gathered at the shoulders, and feminine silhouettes galore. I would gladly trade the contents of my closet for Mirabelle’s any day. Here are a few examples of her awesome clothes, but really, to get the full effect you have to see the movie.

I thought I would have a little fun trying to recreate one of her outfits, and to make it as affordable as possible. Honestly, if I were to imitate her style I would be better off shopping in second-hand or thrift shops for actual vintage pieces. However, for the purposes of this blog post, I used the internet.

Here is the outfit I chose, one of my top favorites from the movie:

And here is my inspired version:

I used a blazer instead of a coat, because apparently brown coats are just not in this season. At least, not within a reasonable price. I also didn’t include shoes because they didn’t show in the photo, but I later came across another shot of her in the outfit, revealing brown pumps.

So, have you seen Shop Girl?

Voting Day Pink


(Outfit notes: Sweater-Kohls clearance rack last year// Tee (underneath)-Target clearance rack years ago// Jeans-Recently thrifted// Boots-LL Bean// Earrings-Passed on to me)

Happy Voting Day all! Jeramy snapped these pics just as the sun was setting tonight, so that I could show you my fabulous pink pants. They are Vera Wang brand skinnies that I got for just 7 bucks at the thrift store about 2 months ago. They are so far out of my usual safe zone though, that I am still figuring out what to pair them with. Neutrals seem like a safe bet, so today I reached for grey layers on top.

My earrings were handed down to me, they used to belong to Jeramy’s Memere. Oddly, she never had pierced ears, and these are for pierced, so they seemed a bit out-of-place in her jewelry collection. I love that they are fun and vintage.

This was definitely one of those outfits that was chosen to be practical, while doing heaps of laundry and dishes today, as well as for schlepping to the voting booth, where I was given my sticker accessory. I wore it proudly.

A friend of mine mentioned that she went to vote in polar bear print pajamas, so I think she beats me on the fabulous voting attire scale. 🙂

In Search Of Beige


(Outfit Notes: Cardigan-Very old, from Kohls// Blouse-Thrifted for under 8 dollars// Bracelets- A gift// Skirt-Thrifted for 2 dollars// Tights-Kohls// Shoes-Too old to remember)

I wrote in my life blog the other day about a poetry reading I “performed” in over the weekend. As part of this show, we all had to wear black, plus the color of our poem. My poem fell into the ‘works on writing’ category, which were all laminated on sheets of a toasty beige color. Beige is, however, a color I never buy or wear because, well, I am beige. It washes me out. I was very envious of those assigned into the poems on nature category, who all got to wear green.

Determined to make it work however, I set out last week to a local consignment shop that was having a grand reopening sale. I pored through the racks, wishing I could be hunting for any other color, when this funky, ruffly, halter-neck blouse popped out at me. The beige and black swirls were perfect for my color scheme, and the top is also unique enough to be a fun wardrobe piece for dressing up. I tried it on, and lo and behold: it fit. Sold.

The show we put on was a huge success, and as a little bonus, I got a lot of compliments from people on this top, with disbelief when I told them I had thrifted it for cheap.

Coat Weather


(Outfit Notes: Coat-Target on sale last year// Scarf-Too old to remember// Skirt-Recently thrifted for four dollars// Tights-Target, this past January// Boots-Target clearance last year)

Most of this outfit was bought cheaply at Target. Under the coat was a long-sleeved tee that I recently got there on sale, and a .99 cent thrifted belt. This outfit serves as an example of the fact that I have almost never paid full price for any clothing item, ever.

My main reason, however, for sharing this outfit, is to show the change in the weather. It is November in Maine, and that means wearing a coat. Brrrr! It has been windy and frigid these past few days, and I am definitely not ready for it.

Is it cold where you are?