Black And Brown For Fall


(Outfit Notes: Dress-a birthday present from a friend last year// Long Sleeved Tee-Target clearance rack last year// Necklace-a gift from my Oma// Tights-Kohls on sale// Boots-Target clearance last year)

This outfit serves as another example of adding tights and boots to a Summer dress to make it work for Fall. However, I ought to admit that due to the hemline of this skirt being a bit shorter than I am normally comfortable with, I never wear it without something a bit more covering underneath. This summer I wore spandex shorts under it to a concert with bare legs and sandals. Here I have on sweater tights, and I would also do leggings. I usually prefer skirts and dresses to be at least right above my knee, but I loved this dress enough to make the exception. (I own it in two colors!)

This outfit is surprisingly comfortable, and I have worn the same combo a few times now because I like it so much. It serves me for going to work as well as for loafing around the house, playing with my toddler, and folding laundry. I also love combining black and brown when I can, something I used to be too scared to do, and the tones in this dress provide the perfect bridge for black tights to go with brown boots, and for a brown stone bead necklace to lay over a black long-sleeved tee.

I think this just might be my absolute favorite Fall outfit right now. What’s yours?

Dress as a Jumper

(Outfit Notes: Necklace-a gift// Turtleneck-Kohl’s 3 years ago// Dress-Kohl’s this summer// Tights-Kohl’s// Boots-Target clearance last year)

Another way to extend the wearability of Spring and Summer dresses through the colder months is to wear them over the top of long-sleeved shirts. In this case, a sleeveless dress is working as a jumper over a tissue-weight turtleneck. This was my outfit for a day of working at the library.

I was a little unsure about this combo at first, but once I had it all on I liked it enough to post about it despite the terrible photographs. They were taken indoors because the sun had set, with poor lighting, a too cluttered background, and in auto mode with a flash that made me blink…hence the downward gaze in the last photo. Hopefully the appearance of my cute kitty Molly in both full-body shots makes up for it.

Just Add Tights


(Outfit Notes: Purse-bought from Anthropologie years ago for just 20 bucks on clearance…it’s reversible.// Necklace-was a gift// Hoodie-Target last year// Skirt-thrifted for 4 dollars// Tights-too old to remember// Boots-Target clearance last year)

I think Fall might be my favorite time of year to get dressed. There is the same ease of throwing on a skirt and top that you get in Spring and Summer, but with the added layer of warm tights, which means less shaving. (The less shaving the better as far as I am concerned.) Also, it is not cold enough to require messing around with a heavy coat…yet.

The ability to just add tights is also kinder to the budget, because it means summery skirts and dresses can be worn longer into the year. I absolutely adore my sweater tights for their warmth.

This skirt may be flowery and summery, but I just recently picked it up when I was out thrifting. I love skirts, and have been looking for one in this cut for a long time. I like the elastic waist that can be worn with shirt tucked in or not, and in all seasons of the year.

Do you wear your summer skirts and dresses in Fall?