Pillin’ Like A Villain

Toddler escape attempt.

(Outfit Notes: Earrings-Gift/Tank-TJ Maxx/Jeans-TJ Maxx/Shoes-Target)

Every so often, you buy something that doesn’t work out. I found these pink jeans at TJ Maxx last week for $16, and I bought them because I thought colored jeans would be fun, and they were so incredibly comfortable. However, after only wearing them twice they are pilling like crazy, and I started leaving little balls of pink fluff everywhere I sat.

So, I am disappointed in the quality and intend to try returning them to the store. This might not be possible, since I no longer have the receipt, and I paid in cash. I am hoping they will see the mad pilling and take pity on me for store credit.

It is too bad, because I really liked this outfit and felt so comfy all day.

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