Just Stopping By…

(Outfit Notes: T-shirt-so old the brand name has worn off/Necklace-JC Penny/Skirt-Old Navy/Sandals-Target)

I love the way a different season can make old clothes feel new again. For example, this t-shirt, which I have had kicking around as long as I can remember…and usually only layer under sweaters in the colder Maine months, ends up looking bright again when paired with my fun green skirt. I think the color combination makes me look a bit like a watermelon, and is very summery!

I wish I had more to talk about tonight, but I have a good book waiting for me on this rainy summer night. See you next time!


Pillin’ Like A Villain

Toddler escape attempt.

(Outfit Notes: Earrings-Gift/Tank-TJ Maxx/Jeans-TJ Maxx/Shoes-Target)

Every so often, you buy something that doesn’t work out. I found these pink jeans at TJ Maxx last week for $16, and I bought them because I thought colored jeans would be fun, and they were so incredibly comfortable. However, after only wearing them twice they are pilling like crazy, and I started leaving little balls of pink fluff everywhere I sat.

So, I am disappointed in the quality and intend to try returning them to the store. This might not be possible, since I no longer have the receipt, and I paid in cash. I am hoping they will see the mad pilling and take pity on me for store credit.

It is too bad, because I really liked this outfit and felt so comfy all day.

It’s In My Veins



(Outfit Notes: Necklace-gift/Tank-TJ Maxx/Bracelet-gift/Jeans-Old Navy/Sandals-Target)

As I was re-sizing the photos for this post, I came to the one with the closeup of my hand, which I wanted to include to show the nail polish and bracelet, as well as the detail of the ruffling at the bottom of the tank. I saw how veiny my hand is, and considered not using the picture, and then I told myself to get over it because everyone has veins in their hands. It in no way means I have “an ugly hand”.

I got to thinking about the controversy a while back when Madonna was photographed for Dolce and Gabbana, and her hands were edited, with the veins removed. Apparently, veins are considered ugly by the fashion industry, which is totally ridiculous when you consider that they keep us alive. I caught myself falling into this trap. Can you blame my mind for going that direction, when all I see in the media are images of hands that have been photoshopped perfectly smooth?

Some women have more visible veins than others, and that is totally ok.