The Redder The Better

I have had a bottle of hair dye kicking around for a little while now, and tonight I suddenly got an urge to put it to use at 11:30 at night. I am so glad I did. I feel more like myself now, with a vibrant red. I know it sounds a bit silly, to feel more like one’s self with artificially colored hair, but for me, being a redhead, especially one with hair this bright, is a statement of wanting to stand out a little bit. I think the red is creative, bold, and just a tad eccentric like me. Also, I have noticed in recent photographs of myself that I am getting quite a few patches of white hair and I am just not totally ready to go down that road yet. Someday I will probably be an older lady wearing real pearl earrings, and rocking the white hair, but right now I am only thirty and I want my hair to be young and fun.

So tell me, do you identify with your hair color? If you color your hair, why do you choose the color(s) that you do?

3 thoughts on “The Redder The Better

  1. i love it! it looks so bright! cant wait to see it in person 🙂 and again- this haircut is seriously fantastic on you! i love how much texture it has!

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