An Evening of Thrift Shopping

(Outfit Notes: Earrings-Old Navy/Sweater-Target/Tank-Old Navy/Skirt-TJ Maxx/Flip-Flops-Old Navy)

Today was another day of throwing on jeans and a t-shirt to go outside and play with Simon, and then showering and getting dressed in clean clothes in the afternoon. That seems to be typical for weekdays in my life as a (mostly) stay-at-home-Mom.

I also went out for a little “Me” time this evening (which I wrote about over in my main blog), and I chose to spend that time thrift shopping. Thrift shopping is a perfect way for me to just zone out for an hour or two and find some fun, new, things for my wardrobe without spending a lot of money.

Since I have started to develop a bit of a system, I thought I would share it with you here.

First-I go to the skirts. Skirts are something I love but don’t really need, so I find it fun to start there. I flip through, pulling out anything that looks interesting and giving it a look-over for quality. If it looks good I grab it to try on.

I go to the fitting room in-between each section or two, because there is a limit of 5 items in the fitting room. So, for example, tonight I tried on 4 skirts, then a few pairs of pants, then two rounds of tops.

Second-I do the pants. These I am most picky about, and less likely to buy second-hand unless they are totally free of wear-and-tear. The reason I am so picky is that I rarely find pants that fit me. However, I know a few tried-and-true brands that flatter me well, and I know the right size in those brands too, which helps me narrow it down.

Third-Shirts. There are so many shirt categories at the place I shop, so this is the most time-consuming section. However, it is also fun for me because of the variety. I find that you cannot go by size alone when thrifting. I have fit into everything from XS to XL and all sizes in-between. So I don’t limit myself to just browsing one size unless I am feeling more lazy, or have less time that day.

After I have tried all the clothes on that I feel like trying, I wander through the shoes, bags, and jewelry.

Tonight there was a long line, so I popped over to the children’s books and found one in new condition that I love for only 50 cents, so I grabbed that for Simon. I might have to make a separate trip just to look at all the books. There were some really awesome looking vintage children’s books there today that I would love to go hunting for again.

I have also been accumulating a bunch of tips about thrift shopping for you, but I will be sharing those another day. Until then, here is a peek at what I found tonight: a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a sweater, and a pencil skirt. Add the book I bought, and my grand total was $16.

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