A Jeans And Flip-Flops Kinda Day

(Outfit Notes: Tank-TJ Maxx, LOFT brand/ Belt-TJ Maxx, came on this tunic/Jeans-Kohl’s/Flip-flops-Old Navy)

Speaking of haircuts…I got one today and I love it. I felt like taking some snapshots today, just because I always feel so good after a haircut.

Today was also a pretty standard day around here of playing with Simon, and taking care of his general needs. We played a lot of elaborate make-believe games, made popsicles together, and created a tunnel out of chairs and blankets in the kitchen. I was productive in the motherhood department, but didn’t even get dressed, beyond putting on a bra and combing my hair,Ā  until after 2 pm.

So when the time to venture out into public came around I threw on jeans and flip-flops, with this cute tank that I always throw a belt over because it is so flowy. I didn’t even wear jewelry, which is very unlike me. I usually have a funky beaded necklace or some earrings on.

I suppose the point of this post, besides the haircut, is to show that some days are for just grabbing some clean clothes. Besides, making a wooden block fire house and rescuing Bert and Ernie off of a roof is important work you know.

8 thoughts on “A Jeans And Flip-Flops Kinda Day

  1. I LOVE your haircut! Obviously I am a fan of short hair myself, but my own bias aside, this cut really suits you, it’s darling the way it frames your face! Pretty! šŸ™‚

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