Play Clothes

(Outfit Notes: Top-Too old to remember and I cut the tag out/Necklace-Mexicali Blues/Jeans-Old Navy/Bracelet-Gift/Sandals-Target)

As a Mumma, many days it is impractical for me to wear a skirt, heels, or anything that is in any way restrictive. However, I don’t always want to hang out in sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. (Though sometimes I do this before nap time.)

So, I need clothes I can play in. I need to be able to crawl on the floor and roar like a dinosaur, to have a tickle fight, to sit on the floor next to the potty and read stories, and to go to the playground. Outfits like this one allow me to do all of these things comfortably, while still expressing my sense of style.

These sandals are my most recent style related purchase. I have been eyeballing them for weeks, but kept waiting and waiting. I wanted something I liked a bit more than flip-flops, and that could be either dressed up or down, and at only $15 these were the perfect pick for me.

I also really love this funky clay bead necklace I bought as part of a 30th birthday outfit gift to myself. The bracelet is made of dried coffee beans, and was a gift from my friend Abby, who knows of my coffee obsession addiction. Adding some fun jewelry to a basic t-shirt and jeans makes me feel a bit more like myself.

What do you wear to play in?

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