In Praise Of Bangs And Tights

(Outfit Notes: Earrings-handmade by me/Beaded Tee-Target/Denim Skirt-Target/Red Tights-Kohl’s/Black Flats-Target)

I have two style-related things that I feel are worth mentioning today.

First, is that I got a haircut, and my bangs are back! I always like my hair with bangs, and even though I did have fun with the side swept look for a while, I missed them. Admittedly, the side bangs are a lot easier then full ones when you don’t have time. I had taken to pushing them back with a barrette and calling my hair done in the morning. Bangs take a little more time in the getting ready department, but I like them a lot and am willing to fire up the straightener in the morning to have them.

There is nothing quite like walking out of the salon after having my hair professionally cut and styled to make me feel a little more pep. It just gives you a little boost, you know? Although, I do tend to prefer my hair the second day after a cut, when it has calmed down a bit and I can fiddle with it just the way I like. But my very fine textured hair never has as much body and life in it as it does when my hairstylist has had her hands on it. She defies gravity.

Second, I want to sing the praises of tights again. Not only did my red tights add pizzazz to an otherwise plain outfit today, but I went for a walk, pushing Simon in the stroller and was able to wear a skirt for this without getting that horrible chafe between the legs that can come with skirt wearing. I love skirts. They might not always be the most practical choice, but this simple addition of tights today kept my skirt practical for me, even when physically exerting myself. I wore my comfy black flats with them and my feet stayed happy too.

Now, I would not advocate tights for a hike, or a speed-walk, or even laps around the track. They won’t be great anymore when the summer heat fully arrives. And if we went to the playground I would definitely prefer shorts or pants. But for a stroll with a friend, it was my perfect solution. And yes, I played with Legos down on the floor with Simon in them too. I chased him across the house to put his pajamas on for bedtime in them. I even picked up the house in them and I was never once uncomfortable. In fact, the only impact the daily occurrences of motherhood had on my outfit choice today was when Simon wiped toothpaste all over my black shirt.

Tights as practical motherhood wear? I say yes.

1 thought on “In Praise Of Bangs And Tights

  1. You have been busy! How do you do it?! Love all these recent outfits – you really do have great style – pinned a few details!

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