Shorted Out

(Outfit Notes: Earrings-gift from a friend/Blouse-Kohl’s altered/Tank-H&M/Shorts-Old Navy/Brown peep toe flats-Mudd Brand)

Oh, shorts! I have had a lifelong issue with them. For some reason, I feel less confident when I wear them than I do in skirts. However, summer is here and as a Mom, a skirt is not always the most practical choice. Ever gone down the slide on the playground in a skirt? Not the best idea.

So, I recently purchased this pair of khaki shorts at Old Navy, and I am trying to learn to love them. And the way my knees look. And the way my calves look. I remind myself that no one else is going to scrutinize my legs, and if they did that would point to a lack in their self-esteem, rather than a flaw with me. Though my legs may not be the longest and the leanest in the bunch, they have always been very strong, and without them I wouldn’t even be able to contemplate taking Simon on that playground slide.

I have learned over the years that I prefer the feeling of bermuda length shorts. They give me more coverage, don’t ride up as readily, and provide a buffer between the full length of my thighs in the sweat-inducing summer heat. I also feel a bit better about running/jumping/climbing in them without worry of what might show in various positions. Some fashion rules dictate that you have to be a tall woman to wear bermuda shorts, lest you risk appearing stubby. To me, a touch of perceived “stubbiness” is a small price to pay for all of the benefits to this length that I listed above.

In an attempt to embrace these shorts, I decided to pair them with one of my most feminine and delicate tops. I don’t often wear this lacy tunic, but since our plans this day were for shopping, errands, and time spent at home rather than in the great outdoors, I thought it would make a nice foil for the practical khaki shorts.

A couple of things I should mention here:

1-My shirt was on inside out for most of the day! No one noticed, not me, not Jeramy, and not my best friend. It wasn’t until hours later, when I was sitting in the car and glanced over at my shoulder, and the seam caught my eye. “Gosh, I don’t remember the seaming being that big on this blouse.” I thought to myself. Then it dawned on me and I quickly flipped my top the right side out. I ended up re-photographing the detail shot of the waistline later, inside the house. So, if you notice a difference from the full outfit shot to the detail that is why. Sheesh.

Also, The shirt had a different tank sewn onto it when I bought it, that was a tad too see-through for my liking so I cut it out. Now I layer the blouse over whatever tank I want.

2-The khaki color of the shorts makes me look like I am not wearing pants at a distance. This might become a problem for me. Perhaps I should have gone with the black pair?

3-I am pale, especially on my legs, but I do not care. I have never cared for the look of tans beyond sun-kissed, and that is just as well since I cannot tan anyway. In the summer, I slather the sunscreen on daily, lest I burn up. I do, however, gain freckles, which I love.

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