Tight Bright

(Outfit Notes: Necklace-Vintage/Blouse-JC Penny/Skirt-Merona by Target/Tights-Kohl’s/Shoes-Payless bought for an 80’s dance years and years ago)

*Please note that even though this is my 3rd outfit post in this blog, it is the first one that I photographed, and you can probably tell how awkward and uncomfortable I felt having my picture taken. I hope to relax more over time.*

Unlike some women, I actually like tights. They make me feel pretty, and they add fun texture and/or color to even a basic outfit. Being a Mom, tights are not always the most practical choice for crawling around on the floor and playing with trucks and dinosaurs, but I have been adding them back into my wardrobe whenever I can.

Here is an outfit I recently wore to meet a friend for dinner. I have to admit, this is not a typical outfit for me. The skirt is one I wear all the time, both as a casual piece and as a more dressy one, but the blouse is something I don’t wear very often. I got it on clearance (like most of my wardrobe) about a year ago, and while I do like it, I also feel a bit odd wearing purple. Purple and pink are the colors I probably wear the least. Also, the cut of the sleeves and the small floral print make me feel very young in this top, which, depending on the day, is either a good thing or a bad thing.

However, I spotted these awesome turquoise tights recently and some of the flowers in the blouse match so well. I really had fun wearing this outfit, and rocking the bright tights. Spring in Maine is unpredictable, and though it was a nice day that day, the tights added an extra level of comfort for me by keeping my legs covered.

Bold tights will definitely grab attention though, and I noticed a lot of strangers peering at my legs. Being naturally shy, it took me a little while to be OK with this. So, if you don’t want any attention, stick with a more subdued color.

Do you wear tights? Love them or hate them?


3 thoughts on “Tight Bright

  1. Really like the outfit and I am a purple and pink gal so really like the top! Haven’t worn skirts in ages but they look really nice.

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