I never in a billion years thought I would start a style blog, though I have always liked clothes and fashion. I even wanted to apply to fashion design school for college, but I chickened out because I didn’t feel confident enough in my sewing abilities. (Or my going-away-to-college abilities, for that matter.) I have never really considered myself to be an authority on fashion, or a trend-setter, but rather someone who is seeking to have fun with clothes. As an artist, I suppose it makes sense that I would want to carry over design, color, shape, pattern etc. to myself. I have gone through many style phases in my life, including a tattered-jeans-over-technicolor-leggings phase, a giant-baggy-camouflage-cargo-pants phase, a hippy-peasant-blouse-bohemian phase, and even a period where I wore only grey tops and jeans. My sense of self is ever-evolving, and my style and wardrobe seem to follow right along.

I have now been a Mom for two years, and I can truly say that motherhood has had a giant impact on me, and on what I wear. I spent a long time after my son was born just throwing on whichever jeans would fit my (now different) belly the best, and whatever shirt was cleanest. My hair was always in a ponytail, and I wore the same pair of loafers every single day until they wore out. I really wanted to start wearing “cute” outfits again, but I had all these rules that I made up for myself about what things I couldn’t wear anymore, and I wasn’t quite sure how to balance function with fashion.

Then, I turned thirty. I always have birthday anxiety, but this was a big one for me. Thirty had always seemed like this big number, looming on the horizon, that surely would never actually arrive. Thirty was off somewhere in the future, and I felt I could stay in my twenties forever. Now that I am thirty, and have had a couple of months to settle with the idea of it, I realize that there is really not anything different about thirty than there was at twenty-nine, with the exception of the first numeral in my age.

Since this milestone birthday, I have stopped listening to all the “Nos” that I had set for myself, and all the stupid “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” that the world pressures us with. I have spoken my mind more. I have taken up new hobbies. I have been working to shed media constructs of beauty from my mind, and embrace the diversity of bodies, including my own. And, pertaining to this blog, I have decided to wear what I want, when I want, regardless of societal constructs about age, body “type”, or mommyhood.

So, here I am now, deciding to blog about it. I am doing this because I want to document my journey. I want to talk about body confidence, and style concepts, and why I think fashion rules are bogus. I also hope that you will jump in and join the conversation every step of the way. I don’t want this space to be simply a humdrum parade of mediocre outfits, but rather a jumping off point to discuss some of the issues that seem to crop up around sartorial choices.

I have a lot to say on these topics, and here I will share my thoughts, one post at a time.

9 thoughts on “Welcome!

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  2. Congrats, Krista! Love the idea for this site! I think you have great style and style philosophy so really looking forward to seeing what you will share!!!

  3. Great job, Krista! Looking forward to reading this blog! Oh, and by the way, I started not to care in my 30’s, but in my 40’s, I find myself with almost complete confidence and not caring what anyone thinks of my “style.” I dress for me and no one else.

  4. Looking forward to the new blog too! BTW, 40 is easier than 30 was 😀 It’s the two babies that have totally killed my style :0

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